Dear Colleague


Please, find attached the Partner Search Form for University 8 mai 1945 Guelma -Algeria.


I would like to inform you that my university is ready to participate and share expertise in order to :

- promote student/staff mobility,

- develop new study programs in Biology, Human Sciences, Languages, electrical engineering, computer control of electrical technologies, energy saving technologies and other related fields except medicine.

- develop our capacities in term of governance, quality, and create structure to promote the relation between University and the labour world.


It will be very kind if you ensure the distribution of this form to your interested HEIs!

With my best regards



Prof. Rachid HAMDI 

Vice-Recteur chargé  des Relations Extérieures

Université 8 mai 1945 Guelma


Tél: +213 (0) 3710 0558  Fax: +213 (0) 3710 0558   


Avenue du 19 mai 1956, BP 401, Guelma, 24000, Algérie




Dear partners,


On the behalf of Mrs Pr. Ykhlef Nadia, Vice Rector of the University des Frères Mentouri Constantine1, it's a pleasure for us to contact you concerning the proposal for partnership of the Erasmus+2017 call.


Please find attached the partner search form file of the Université des Frères Mentouri Constantine 1, Algeria.


Looking froward to hearing from you,



Imene Bakiri

Chargée de gestion et suivi des projets de coopération

Université des Frères Mentouri Constantine 1

Tel/Fax: +213 31 81 12 56


Dear  ICP,

Hassiba Benbouali University of Chlef in Algeria is an emerging higher education institution that was founded in 1983 (http://www.univ-chlef.dz/uc/).  It provides a high quality education to more than 32.000 students  within  Bsc , Msc and PHD levels, taught and supervised  by 1100 teachers.   Hassiba Benbouali University is ranked among the top ten universities in Algeria. It is structured in nine faculties and one sport institute. 


The faculties are :

1. Faculty of Technology 

2. Faculty of Exact Sciences and Computer Sciences

3. Faculty of Natural Sciences

4. Faculty of Business and Management

5. Faculty of Law and Administration

6. Faculty of Foreign Languages 

7. Faculty of Arabic Literature and Art

8. Faculty of History

9. Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

     10. Sport Institute


Hassiba Benbouali University (UHBC) has taken part in different European programmes as a partner and an associate institution, such is the case with the following events:


Erasmus Mundus Al Idrissi

Erasmus Mundus Al Fihri

Eumetallic II


It is noteworthy that it is involved in three Erasmus + programmes (KA1); which are :


1. ICM international credit mobility with the polytechnic institute of Braganca in Portugal,    

    in the field of civil and industrial engineering, since 2015-2016 academic year

2. Mobility programme with Freiburg University in the field of Mathematics since 2015- 

    2016 academic year. 

3. ICM international credit mobility  in the field of Architecture. The cooperation was

    established with the University of Granada, Spain, during the academic year 2016-


4. ICM international credit mobility with  Anadolu University, Turkey, in the fields of

    archaeology, biology, chemistry and physics for the academic year 2016-2017.

5. ICM international credit mobility with  Universitatea Tehnica „Gheorghe Asachi„ Din Iasi,Romania, in the fields of Membranes for the academic year 2016-2017.


The university’s consultancy committee, during the university development meeting, agreed on the implementation of the exchange strategy for the sake of enhancing the quality of education we offer to students as well as the performance of our staff. This agreement was made, mainly, after having debated the idea during the Spring 2016 consultation meetings about the internationalization of our institution. These meetings were conducted in the form of of a study workshop that gathered over 120 experts. The latter discussed their views and experiences and ended up by giving a set of suggestions that versed into the worthiness of the exchange strategy as a developmental one.

Considering the recommendations drawn from the workshop; our university adopted the exchange strategy through targeting the maximum of student exchange, staff mobility and research opportunities.


From this perspective, the Erasmus plus programme is undoubtedly the most appropriate one, as it offers a platform that handles students’ exchange, through sending abroad and receiving from abroad, and so is the case for the staff.

From our part, and in the sake of being active participants in the programme, we would confirm our readiness to facilitate guests’ mobility through assisting them with administrative procedures, while wishing to be supported as well in our students and staff mobility.


Hassiba Benbouali University of Chlef fits the exchange programme regarding its advantageous geographical location, mainly for the fact that Chlef city is situated in the Northern part of Algeria, 180 km to the west of the capital Algiers and 220 km to the east of  Oran city, while connected to both cities via the East-west Highway . Chlef city covers a large area, reaching the seaside which is at 45 km from the city capital. The airport that is based at only 10 km from the university, offers a considerable facility in terms of mobility for the staff as well as guests.



“Change by exchange” is one of our main slogans for the next decade. Actually, the mobility programme does not only influence the local students but also the university’s industrial and social partners. For the last two years, students have been manifesting an increasing interest in the Erasmus programmes. Having offered the programme opportunities to the elite among the students, this has boosted our students’ will and motivation to excel. This has consequently raised the university’s pedagogical yield potential.

Besides, our industrial partners have been showing a special interest in our granted students for the openness and motivation they manifest as a result of the programmes. The positive impact of the programme is also touched in the mastery of language and communication skills which are considered as key criteria in recruitment contests. 

Each year, the university organises the Erasmus workshop where experts explain to both students and staff the selection procedure and the different opportunities offered by the programme.

On the other hand, our university opens its doors wide to students and staff from other worldwide universities, while ready to assist them throughout the whole process, including the visa application, accommodation and participation in social programs.


Chlef university has gained a good experience with Erasmus plus program management. Thanks to a dynamic and motivated external relations department, the selection procedure have been always fair, transparent and equitable. The selection procedure follows the following steps :


  1. Announcing the call for candidature for the programme on the University website.
  2. Advertising the programme through open days and information seminars. 
  3. Assisting candidates in language through intensive language courses offered by the university’s ‘Intensive Language Teaching Centre’. 
  4. The final selection is based on the overall student’s marks and motivation while guaranteeing female/male equality in terms of participation opportunities.

5.     Upon return, participants are automatically reintegrated and their credit recognition process is made in collaboration with the external relations department and the students’ affairs department.

Best regards 


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